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The USDA recommends a Daily Antioxidants Intake
of free radicals production (oxidation).
Range of 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC (antioxidant foods) as a minimum to cope with the average rate
A clot can also break loose (called an Embolus) and travel throughout the circulatory system. In its travels, it may get stuck in a smaller artery, blocking the flow of blood. This blockage cuts off the supply of life-giving oxygen and nutrients, and the tissue fed by the artery dies. If an Embolus lodges in an artery of the heart, depriving the heart of essential nutrients, a part of the heart can stop working.  This is called a Heart Attack. If the embolus lodges in an artery of the brain, it is a Stroke.

How antioxidants help:
Antioxidant nutrients are our most effective weapons against heart disease. They help us add ten to fifteen "good" years to our life spans by protecting us from the major killer diseases and postponing the diseases of old age as well.
Antioxidants protect the artery lining against injury. Antioxidants reduce the formation of compounds that can cause plaque formation on the artery walls. Antioxidants improve the level of HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) which is used to carry away the bad cholesterol.  Antioxidants help to keep the blood platelets from clumping so that clots are not formed.

The anti-clotting factor of Antioxidants is especially important for the following reason.  It is a quite common practice for most cardiologists is to prescribe aspirin to help treat a heart condition. Now aspirin doesn't lower cholesterol or blood pressure, but studies show that it reduces heart attacks by 30 to 50 percent by reducing blood clotting. Unfortunately, aspirin affects the “normal” clotting process too much, and some people develop serious gastrointestinal bleeding.

Antioxidants, on the other hand, helps repair blood platelets damaged by being squeezed through narrowed arteries. Antioxidants do not interfere with the same enzyme that aspirin interferes with. Thus, antioxidants normalize clotting time to prevent coronaries without causing internal bleeding. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that antioxidants work in a manner similar to the manner in which aspirin works, but antioxidants are completely safe and far superior so aspirin as an anti-clotting agent.
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