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Antioxidant Skin Care Products
Why You Need Antioxidant AntiAging Products

Free Radicals are molecules in your body that are missing an oxygen molecule.

Free radicals are produced as a normal by product of the metabolic processes of your cells.  Free radicals are also produced by your immune system as it counteracts the effects of pathogens and your environment.

These changes induced by free radicals are believed to be a major cause of aging, degenerative diseases, or death.

Free radicals affect the skin in three main ways. They can alter the fatty layers in your cellular membranes. These fatty layers provide structure to the cell, and control which nutrients and other agents can pass in and out. They can alter the DNA within cells, which has the potential to develop into serious illnesses and can make your skin inclined to wrinkles and sagging before its natural biological time.

Free radicals also lead to a process called the cross-linking of collagen fibers.

Cross-linked fibers create wrinkles, skin sag, and cause your regular expression lines to become etched in your face as a permanent fixture. With healthy collagen and elastin fibers these expression lines would simply disappear once you moved your facial muscles in a different way.

The body’s defense mechanisms against these free radicals are referred to as antioxidants.

How Antioxidant AntiAging Products Work

Antioxidants work by supplying an extra oxygen molecule to the free radicals that are missing one. If antioxidants don't supply the missing oxygen molecule to free radicals, the free radicals will take an oxygen molecule from vital molecules in the body, such as DNA, causing mutations (alterations) in the sequence of genetic material.

The trick is to keep the balance in the body and provide enough of a supply of antioxidant foods to cope with the body's production of free radicals, which can act as  "antioxidant antiaging" products and help us  significantly slow our rate of aging and common degenerative processes.
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The Perfect "Antioxidant AntiAging" Products
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Antioxidant AntiAging Products
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