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Soooo.....Where can a consumer purchase legitimate, lab tested and certified Acai Berry products with no gimmicks, no tricks, or hidden disclaimers?
"I feel your product (Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse) is not what you say . I have used the 14 days supply (of Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse) an have not lost a single pound. so im requesting you cancel my menbership imedaitely."
"It (Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse) is the crapiest product I've ever tried, DO NOT USE IT. They automatically charge your credit card even if you have cancelled it...SO GUYS WATCH OUT...."
"I want to cancel the shipments of Extreame Acai Berry Cleanse. I have used 3 bottles with no results."
"Acai Berry Cleanse 300 does NOT work like it promotes. I'm still trying the 14 days free trial and there is no difference in my bowel movement."
"Using Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse alone will only show minimal results.  Diet and exercise recommended."
"Most would agree that not using some form of detoxification during a diet and workout program can be detrimental to the results.  Weight loss aside, acai berry juice can be a tremendous asset to your overall health if used in conjunction with a decent diet and fitness program, however, the reputation for Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse is not very flattering."
The marketplace is getting flooded with products such as Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse 300, Acai Berry Cleanse and other Acai Berry related products. Do they really work?  Are they just scams? What’s the real story behind these Acai Berry products? Here are a few reviews on some of the Extreme Acai Berry Cleanse products:
Extreme Acai Berry Clease Review: Conclusion
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ORAC Values of Top Antioxidant Foods
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Acai Berry
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Acai Berry Cleanse - Reviews
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ORAC (Antioxidants) Values of
Xocai Antioxidant Foods
(per 100 grams)

*Source: Brunswick Laboratories
Source: USDA, Journal of the  American Chemical Society
Unprocessed Cocoa Powder
Blue Berries
Spinach, Raw
Broccoli Florets
Red Grapes
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